For those who are just beginning the process of candidacy, look here for a checklist of important steps.

The rest of the information on this page is intended for individuals who are applying for Provisional Membership and commissioning for Ministry or Full Membership and ordination as a Deacon or Elder in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference. Please e-mail the completed application to the BOM Administrative Assistant, Janet Farrell at All necessary forms are available for download on the Policies and Forms page. Here are some helpful tips as you apply.


It is your responsibility to learn the deadlines for applications and paper submissions. You may always contact the Candidacy Registrar (Amy Ostlund) or the BOM Administrative Assistant (Janet Farrell) to confirm these deadlines. Please be aware that deadlines do change from year to year because of many different factors. Do not assume that last year's deadlines will apply to this year.


Psychological Assessment

To complete the requirement for psychological assessment, contact Janet Farrell.

Requirements are that the Candidate, the candidate's home church and the BOM will each pay 1/3 of the costs.

Formatting Papers

Since Board members will most often read your papers online, we require the papers to be submitted in a format that facilitates their placement on the BOM secure website.

  1. Our preferred format is Adobe Acrobat PDF. (Email Amy Ostlund if you have questions about file compatibility.) Papers will be accepted in Microsoft Word (*.doc), Rich Text (*.rtf), and Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) formats. Most word processing programs will allow you to save your work in one or more of these formats.

  2. Please include your name and page number on each page. This should be the first line of text in your papers.

  3. Please use standard fonts and page sizes. Endnotes are preferable to footnotes.

  4. Always keep a hard copy, and an electronic copy, of your submitted papers. BOM is not responsible for electronic transmission errors or files lost in the process of dissemination. Keep a copy in the event files are lost or damaged.

Copy Editing 

The Board of Ordained Ministry has partnered with two copy editors to assist with documentation for the candidacy process. Copy editing services focus on grammar and syntax, not developmental editing for content.

Rates range from $35–$60 per hour. Please contact the copy editor directly for an estimate for your specific document.

For any questions about the copy editing process, contact Teri Watanabe.

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