Cascadia District

The Cascadia District consists of 45 congregations and two Hispanic Fellowships, stretching from the north Oregon coast to the high desert of Eastern Oregon.  A defining geographical feature of this entire region is the Cascade Mountain Range, which has a profound influence on the physical and social life across the region.  "Cascadia" refers to the whole region, a diverse set of local communities which have in common being impacted by the mountains.  Likewise, the congregations which make up the Cascadia District are contextually diverse expressions of our common faith in Christ and our shared United Methodist heritage.

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District Superintendent

Wendy Woodworth

Rev. Wendy Woodworth
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District Lay Leader

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 Dawn Chastler
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District Administrator

Linda Grund-Clampit

Linda Grund-Clampit
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Cascadia District Office

680 State St., Suite 200
Salem, OR 97301
(Office is on the 2nd floor of the Micah Building)
Office Phone: (503) 581-3969
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