Cascadia District Colloquy

"Colloquy," from the Latin for "speak together," simply means "conversation" or "to confer together."

The clergy and other folks in ministerial leadership in the Cascadia District gather in geographically arranged sub-groups several times during the year to be in conversation together about ministry, administrative details, what's new and what never changes, and to be in supportive relationship with one another.


The kick-off colloquy for the 2018-2019 appointment year will be Saturday morning, September 22nd at the MICAH Building in Salem (680 State St.).  The day will continue with a catered lunch for clergy and laity with a program by the Cascadia District Church Extension Society, and then an afternoon event for all focused on dynamic ministry in our communities. Click here for more information and to register.  Please register by September 13th so that we can include you in the lunch count.

The Colloquy groupings in 2018-19 are arranged geographically.  There are 8 groups.  

Cascadia District Colloquy Groupings 2018-2019

District Superintendent Tim Overton-Harris hopes that by pulling together those serving churches in Cascadia District into these colloquy groupings new ways of collaborating and partnering will emerge. Each month you will be asked to come to colloquy prepared to discuss an article, TEDTalk, blog, or other resource. You will look at what it has to say to you and to the parish you serve. You will talk about how it might inform, influence or in some way enhance both your local church and the parish. Ultimately, I want each colloquy to find areas of commonality and opportunity to break down the silos we often find ourselves in and to engage in parish ministry together in some form. I know this is unlikely to be fully realized in nine months, but I do think some significant steps can be taken toward this goal.


 Please contact the Cascadia District office for more information:

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