Cascadia District Fall Charge Conferences

In the Cascadia District in 2019, most fall charge conferences** will take place at that congregation's usual monthly Board or Council meeting in October or November and will be convened by a presiding elder (a clergy person from another congregation in your area.)  The date will be set in consultation between the presiding elder and the congregation.

Often the fall charge conference includes an opportunity for the local church members to hear from the District Superintendent and for questions to be asked about the larger connection.  DS Tim Overton-Harris will be meeting with churches in clusters in October and November to discuss the possibilities for The United Methodist Church moving forward (learn about those meetings here), and meeting with congregations individually January through March to check in and discuss your ministry in your community.

Here are links to what you need to know:

Many of the reports will be completed and submitted online:  

This is the third year we have used this process.This year, as last year, each church will access the link to their online reports through the Church Dashboard, a private page on the Conference website.  You'll see a "church login" link on the bottom right of this and every page on the website. Here is a video showing how to access your Church Dashboard. The log-in information has been sent to each pastor and church office.  If you have questions, contact the district office.

Here is  a video tutorial on the online FormVites process 

If you need more information, contact Linda in the district office, or (503) 581-3969.

The forms which we are requesting you complete online are: 

One way to make the FormVites process easier is to collect your information ahead of time.  Using one of the "traditional" forms to collect your information is an easy way to do that. These forms can also be used to share the reports with your congregation at the charge conference meeting.  Or you can print the reports from the FormVites page.  Each form listed above is linked to a .pdf copy of the form. 

Unless you don't have online access, please complete these forms online and just use the .pdf copies to assist you in the process.

2020 Compensation Forms

This year we are trying a new online process to gather the information needed for the pastor's compensation forms.  After the information is gathered through the online process, we will review the data in the district office and then generate a form which will be used for the charge conference approval of the compensation package.

To start that process, go to

The following forms are not online:  

Please click the link above for a document providing guidance on making your Micro-Grant Update report which is due at the charge conference.


If you have any questions, please contact Linda in the Cascadia District office, at 503-581-3969 or

**An annual meeting of the charge conference of each local church is required by the Discipline of The United Methodist Church.  The primary responsibilities given to the body at this annual meeting are to review and evaluate the total mission and ministry of the church, receive reports, and adopt objectives and goals recommended by the church council (administrative board) that are in keeping with the the objectives of The United Methodist Church (2016 Book of Discipline, paragraph 247.3). Other specific annual responsibilities of the charge conference are to recommend new and renewing candidates for ordained ministry from among their membership, to recommend lay servants and certified lay ministers, to receive reports on Volunteer-in-mission teams, set the compensation for clergy appointed by the bishop, receive and act upon the annual membership report, and elect local church leadership (unless that is done at another charge conference at another time of year) (2016 Book of Discipline, paragraph 247.8 -13, 15 and paragraph 249).  



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