Room Available at Tzadakah Home

Room Available at Tzadakah Home


Are you interested in living in a positive intentional Christian community? We invite you to join our Milwaukie home with three existing tenants. When we say “intentional”, we mean that we work to create sustainable community with clear, compassionate, and regular communication. When we say “Christian” we mean that we treat others the way that Jesus taught and we exhibit loving kindness toward all people. And we mean ALL people, regardless of their race, age, gender, ability (home is not ADA accessible), sexual orientation, sexual/gender identity, nation of origin, or cultural heritage. Imagine coming home to share your day with your community mates. We take turns making weekly meals. Also, see yourself participating in regular short community meetings, and some reflective practices that may or may not be rooted in the Christian faith. We have quarterly meetings with our anchor Church. Our mission is to provide a supportive home for deepening of relationship with each other, and give mutual support on our spiritual journeys. We call ourselves Tzadakah Home. Home details: One bedroom available: $450. and each tenant shares 1/4 of utilities. Washer/Dryer. Garden space. Deck. Garage storage. WiFi. Two living rooms. On Public Transport Lines

Location: Tzedakah Home, Milwaukie St Paul

Contact: Diane Rheos

Address: Milwaukie OR

Phone: 360-790-3248

Email: Click to email

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