Media Technician

Media Technician


ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES This position is part-time, every week, and located in the church building. The media technician is in charge of coordinating and running the technical and media aspects of the worship ministry of the church. This includes set up of equipment, training and coordination of volunteers, supervision of volunteers during worship, coordination and planning with pastor and worship leader(s), and editing/production of worship videos suitable for posting to the Internet. Specific responsibilities include: • Making sure that cameras are ready for each scheduled worship service • Setting up and securing media booth equipment • Coordinating with pastor and musicians on a media script, if needed, and expected/requested media elements • Supervise projection and mixing of visual and audio elements during worship • Mixing/editing/producing video-audio components of worship in recorded formats • Supervise live-streaming components, including mixing video and audio signals using in-situ software and equipment, to produce a live-stream feed • Edit recorded footage of worship and post to website and selected online sites • Maintain clear and open communication with pastor, church administrator, worship leaders and musicians. QUALIFICATIONS AND EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS Experience and familiarity with computer-based audio and video production software and hardware. Proficiency with or ability to quickly adapt to the following software programs and equipment preferred: • ProPresenter with Live-Streaming capabilities (new 2021) • GarageBand or Audacity or comparable audio mixing software • iMovie for Mac (with possible upgrade to Final Cut Pro) • Apple Mac Mini Computer • Standard computer monitors and other peripherals • Atec video mixing console • Canon A6400 Mirrorless Cameras plus tripods • Standard video projection system PREFERRED SKILLS • Video and Audio mixing, recording, and editing • Live video and audio production – small-scale ADDITIONAL NOTES Junction City United Methodist Church is a small-membership church with a more traditional worship style. Worship production is simple, and not flashy. We do not require special effects, rather we want to capture the feel and experience of our informal and personal worship style in ways that the viewer can feel connected and included. In addition, must be bondable, and must pass a background check for security, in accordance with the Church’s Safe Sanctuary Policy. We follow current County Health and Denominational COVID protocols

Location: Junction City United Methodist Church

Contact: Jennifer Williams

Address: 750 W. 10th Avenue Junction City OR 97448

Phone: 541-852.5227

Email: Click to email


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