Praise Team Dir. - McMinnville, OR

Praise Team Dir. - McMinnville, OR


Praise Team Director at McMinnville Cooperative Ministries

Job to begin the end of August 2011

· Attend weekly worship team meeting
· Create weekly script for celebration worship services. Bring draft copy of script for celebration services to worship team meeting, and provide copies for use on Sunday morning.
· Choose music and liturgies for celebration services
· Maintain existing catalogue of music, including obtaining new pieces to add to the existing library of congregational music
· Run weekly praise team rehearsal, including setting up for the rehearsal, and communicating with the church office about needed rehearsal times and spaces.
· Act as supervisor for all musicians in the praise team, volunteer and paid.
· Maintain accurate timecards for paid members of the rhythm section, as well as the sound technician, and submit these to the church office at the end of each month
· Participate in efforts to find new members for the praise team, both paid and volunteer
· Lead the praise team and congregation in worship each Sunday in the celebration services.
· Submit lyrics of music chosen for worship to the media consultant in a timely manner.
· Work as part of a team with the media consultant and the sound technician to create the best Sunday morning experience possible.
· Oversee use of instruments used by the praise team.
· The praise team director reports directly to the head of staff (administrative pastor).

· 1.5 hours/week worship team
· 3.5 hours/week worship
· 2 hours /week rehearsal & setup
· 3 hours/week choosing music, maintaining catalogue, creating scripts, finding new music, etc
Total hours: 10


Contact: Courtney McHill

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