Youth Collective Apprentice - Portland, OR

Youth Collective Apprentice - Portland, OR


The Southeast Portland Youth Collective (a partnership between Moreland Presbyterian Church, Creator Lutheran Church, Milwaukie Presbyterian Church, Southeast Portland Parish, and Lincoln Street United Methodist Church) is now receiving applications for the 2018-2019 Youth Collective Apprentice. Please submit resume and cover letter to Here is the job description: Position Description for 2018-2019 Apprentice in support of the Southeast Portland Youth Collective The Southeast Portland Youth Collective (SEPDXYC) is an ecumenical collaboration of 6+ congregations in the southeast portion of the Portland-metropolitan area. We are actively working toward an inclusive and welcoming ministry, intentionally supporting youth and young adults sometimes left out of traditional church youth groups (such as immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+, women, racial minorities, and others). The leadership is made up of paid staff and volunteers, full time and part time. In our decision making we model mutuality, consensus, and a willingness to experiment. SEPDXYC is in it’s second full year, with middle school and high school youth and young adults. It presently averages 5 events per month. Position Summary SEPDXYC is an incubator for new ways of doing youth work, and it is a perfect learning environment for a person considering a youth ministry context that is future oriented. The Apprentice will be brought into the leadership structure of the SEPDXYC to learn with them. The Apprentice will be given full and equal weight in decision making with all the other leaders. The Apprentice will be given freedom to look at the SEPDXYC with new eyes, see what is missing, provide insight, and provide feedback into the process. As the SEPDXYC is still in it’s formational stage, it provides an amazing learning space for someone considering new and different ways to do faith work, church work, and youth work in the future. Responsibilities Work is based on 65 hours per month, an average of 15 hours per week. Numbers in parenthesis are the hours expected during the month, not weekly time. Attend/lead/facilitate SEPDXYC monthly events which presently includes: high school gathering (2.5 hours) middle school gathering (2 hours) young adult gathering (2.5 hours) monthly service project (4 hours) monthly learning/entertainment event (4 hours) Attend/participate in monthly SEPDXYC adult organizers meeting (2 hours) Attend/participate in a weekly “1 to 1” meeting with an SEPDXYC adult organizer (1 hour) Twice a month, connect with an SEPDXYC participating church, in equal rotation (most likely by attending a worship service or other church sponsored event) (3 hours) Build relationships with existing and new youth/young adults (20 hours) Help develop and facilitate better tracking of youth and young adults (5 hours) Help develop cohesive communication incorporating better digital communications (5 hours) Strategize new partners to engage our collective (5 hours) Prayer, discernment, miscellaneous learnings (9 hours) Attend regular trainings (paid for by SEPDXYC) Skills & Qualifications High School diploma, GED, or equivalent Interest in working with youth and young adults (ages 12 to 21+) Willingness to interact with different backgrounds/cultures Desire to engage from or with a faith or spiritual focus At least 23 years old Self-starter Able to work independently Independent transportation Pass a background check Preferred 3 year commitment Seeking ordination or a seminary student Community organizer training (or interest in) Bilingual (or other inter-cultural experience) Compensation $16.50 per hour We encourage diverse applicants to apply for this position. Here is a link to the job description in PDF format (click here). Only accepting resumes until September 30, 2018. Any questions regarding this position can also be sent to

Location: SE PDX Youth Collective

Contact: Rev. Josh Dunham

Address: 1814 SE Bybee Blvd Portland OR 97202

Email: Click to email

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