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Clergy and Lay Assigned Compensation Resources

Churches who are receiving newly appointed pastors effective July 1, 2023 will approve compensation at charge conferences between now and June.  

For a step-by-step process of getting compensation ready for the vote at the meeting, click here.

We will use an online entry process to create compensation documents as we have been doing for the past several years, but this year pastors and select local church officers will access that online entry space through the People Portal, which is linked above (and on any page of the Conference website) on the right with the words "Login"

Information on signing in through the People Portal and what can be done there is available by clicking here

Before compensation information can be entered online, the amounts for cash salary, utilities/furnishings allowance, housing allowance (if applicable) and accountable reimbursement budget need to be determined. 

  • If the pastor is a lay person, only cash salary and accountable reimbursement budget are needed.
  • If the pastor is serving more than one church, figures for the total appointment time (all churches combined) will be entered online and then the "split" amounts for each church will be entered.  These amounts will need to be available ahead of online entry and should be entered by one person on behalf of all involved churches.
  • Resources to arrive at these figures are listed and linked below. Your district administrator is also available to provide support.

This video provides step-by-step instructions for using the new compensation information online entry process

This video was made before the update to the Conference website in April 2023.  The login to the People Portal is now located in the upper right of any page of the website with the link labeled "Login."

To jump to instructions on specific aspects of the process, go to the following time markers in the video:

  • Logging in - 3:15
  • Creating a New Compensation Form - 6:00
  • Editing an Existing Compensation Form and Managing Splits - 11:30
  • District Review and Documents - 16:52

For a document with these instructions, click here.

After entry of the compensation information by the local church, the information will be reviewed by the district office.  When it has been reviewed, the district office will inform the local church that it is ready for presentation at the charge conference for approval.  


Process for Setting, Inputting, and Approving 2023 Compensation

  • A step-by-step outline for setting, inputting and approving the 2023 compensation -- and what happens after that!

Equitable (Minimum) Compensation Guidelines 2023

  • The minimum salary requirements for clergy.  Refer to this when setting your salary.

2023 Clergy Compensation Allocation Worksheet

  • A worksheet to try out different compensation amounts and calculate total cost to church. Useful for figuring total cost of clergy compensation in various situations such as three quarter time or full time or when considering an increase in salary.

Clergy Housing Standards

  • Information on standards for housing provided for clergy and setting housing allowances.

Housing and Housing-Related Allowances Worksheet 2023

  • This worksheet helps clergy designate amounts for utilities/furnishings allowance (used by clergy in parsonages and not in parsonages) and housing allowance (for clergy renting or buying their own housing).  
  • This worksheet should be saved by clergy with their tax documents and saved by the church for their records.

Request for Housing Exemption

  • This form is required when a pastor voluntarily gives up a housing allowance as part of the  compensation package. It will be used only for a few specific instances, but those who are submitting it need to do so at the time of the fall charge conference.

Sample Accountable Reimbursement Policy

  • It is imperative your church have in place an accountable reimbursement policy. Without a properly adopted policy in place, all expense reimbursements made to the pastor could be considered taxable income.   Click here for a Q&A sheet.

Accountable Reimbursement Worksheet

  • This worksheet helps clergy and churches set an accountable reimbursement budget to be paid out under the terms of the adopted accountable reimbursement policy.

IRS information re business mileage rate 

  • Guidance on setting the mileage rate for business miles to the pastor can be found at this link.  You need to record the mileage rate in your accountable reimbursement policy for the year and in minutes of the meeting at which you set the rate for the year.


Cascadia District Office, Linda Grund-Clampit - District Administrator,  cascadia@umoi.org   (503) 581-3969

Columbia District Office, Jennifer Fowler - District Administrator, columbia@umoi.org   (503) 802-9227

Crater Lake District Office, Sheri Konowitz - District Administrator, craterlake@umoi.org  (541) 689-3725

Sage District Office, Etha Carruthers - District Administrator, sage@umoi.org   (208) 537-3683

For questions regarding benefits, contact Meg Kau, Conference Benefits and HR Manager, meg@umoi.org, (503) 802-9224.

** If your church does not currently have a payroll company or someone in your church who is competent to do payroll, you have the option to sign up with Paychex, a payroll company who has an agreement with The United Methodist Church to offer services at a discounted rate.  Paychex has staff dedicated to serving United Methodist Churches specifically.  Find more information at https://www.wespath.org/for-plan-sponsors/paychex  or talk with Meg Kau, Conference Benefits and HR Manager about the program, meg@umoi.org, (503) 802-9224.