Clergy and Lay Assigned Compensation Forms


Compensation Forms Instructions
Equitable Compensation Information
   Click on the link above for the 2019 equitable compensation schedule.  This will assist you in completing
   your pastor's compensation form

Compensation forms: 

Important Notes:

  • Before you begin, make sure you choose the appropriate form for your pastor’s clergy status and appointment percentage.  If your pastor serves more than one church, choose the form that reflects their total time of appointment. The name of the form will direct you to the right choice. If you have questions, contact your district office before you begin to complete the form.
  • Download and save the form to your computer before entering data.
  • These forms must be opened using Adobe Reader!  Otherwise data will not be retained when closing the file.  The Windows 10 platform and Mac computers have their own program to open pdf files, and it may not be easily apparent that Adobe Reader is not being used. If your form loses data, check to make sure that Adobe Reader is being used to open the file.
  • If the form opens in a small resolution for you, there is a drop-down box at the top of the form.  Click on the little arrow and you will be able to choose the percentage you would like to enlarge the form for easier reading.  The form will print out to a full page even though the resolution may be less than 100%.    
   2019 Compensation Form for full time elders, deacons, MOD pastors and local pastors

   2019 3/4 time Compensation Form for elders, deacons, MOD pastors and local pastors

   2019 half-time Compensation Form for elders, deacons, MOD pastors and local pastors

   2019 1/4 time Compensation Form for elders, deacons, MOD pastors and local pastors

  2019 Retired Pastor Compensation Form

  2019 Lay Supply Compensation Form

   2019 Circuit Compensation Worksheet
   This form is for multiple-point charges only.  It supplements the Compensation Worksheet and should be
   completed for each individual church on the circuit.



The worksheets below are not required.  They can be used to assist you in completing the housing and professional expenses on your pastor's compensation form.
Housing Allowance and Housing Related Allowance Worksheet
Accountable Reimbursement Worksheet (business & professional expenses)


Additional Forms related to Compensation

Accountable Reimbursement Policy
   It is imperative your church have in place an accountable reimbursement policy. Without a properly adopted
   policy in place, all expense reimbursements made to the pastor could be considered taxable income.
   Click here for a Q&A sheet.
Housing Allowance Exemption Form
   This form is required when a pastor voluntarily gives up a housing allowance as part of the
   compensation package. It will be used only for a few specific instances, but those who are submitting it need
   to do so at the time of the fall charge conference.










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