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As of June 2012, when the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference reorganized the 5 districts into 4, the former Metropolitan District Church Extension Society was facing a name change. That name change has now become effective, and the new acronym for this group is now CDCES which is short for Columbia District Church Extension Society.

What is the Columbia District Church Extension Society?
The Columbia District CES is composed of the churches of the Columbia District working together to help those churches which have special needs that they alone cannot (financially) meet. In other words, “churches helping churches.” These needs may be to the physical facility (church or parsonage), may involve strengthening current ministries, or may involve developing new ministries.

Columbia District congregations are eligible to apply for grants or loans to work on physical plant or start new ministries.

Columbia District Church Extension Society Annual Meeting took place on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at Sunnyside Community House formerly known as Sunnyside Centenary UMC. Click to view Minutes from the annual meeting.

The goal of the CDCES is to partner with churches in the Columbia District to develop a shared vision so that “dreams may become reality.” As partners in ministry we each have our role to fulfill. In this partnership, the role of the CDCES and the Board of Directors is to:

Provide grants and loans for purposes including emergencies, capital improvements, repairs & development of healthy congregations.
Oversee and maximize investments to generate income
Share consultation resources with churches to support healthy and vital ministries.

Every church in the Columbia District belongs to the Extension Society. As a member church in this partnership one of your roles is to have your church representatives attend the CDCES Annual Meeting. The pastor, lay leader, and one other lay person are your church’s members of the Society. Other interested folks are also invited and encouraged to attend. Your presence is important to us! If you will not be able to attend, please make sure someone else in your congregation is there.

Forms and Agreements

Loan Policy

Loan Application Form

Investment Agreement

Investment Policy

Church Loan Investment Agreement

Vital Ministry Grant Form

General Grant Form

Columbia District Brochure

Columbia District Church Extension Society (CDCES) Brochure 2016


Columbia District CES Contacts/ Board Officers

President: Becca Wieringa

District Superintendent: Erin Martin

Bookkeeper: David White

Treasurer: Scott Overton

Secretary: Brian Shimer

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 MDCES By-Laws (1996, amended 1997, 1998)

 MDCES By-Laws (amendment 2005)

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