Charge Conference Forms

Welcome to your fall charge conference paperwork!

2018 required forms will be handled online via your new Church Dashboard.*
Each pastor and church administrator has received an email with log-in information.

Tools you'll find on this page include:
Video: Introduction to Church Dashboard
How to successfully complete and submit your online forms
The list of online forms
Video: Navigating the Forms Status Page
The Clergy Compensation Worksheet*

*Note: The Clergy Compensation Worksheet will still be completed on paper.


Watch this short video to see how the Church Dashboard works.

Introduction to the Church Dashboard from Greater Northwest Episcopal Area on Vimeo.


How to successfully complete and submit your online forms

2018 Charge Conference forms should be completed online and multiple people can help!
Because the forms are online, multiple people can work on them with no shuffling of paper back and forth. To share access, simply copy the web address from the URL bar at the top of the page and send that link along to the other person(s) who is collaborating on the form. EXAMPLE: If June is the Trustees Chair, you can copy the URL and paste it into an email to her. June can click on the link, scroll down to the Trustees Report, complete her part, and let you know when she’s done.
Need to save and come back later? Pay attention to this!
You can partially complete, save, and return to a form later. BUT! To save, all required fields must be populated. If you don’t have an answer for a particular required question, simply put a placeholder in the field (a question-mark works), then you can save and return later. If you try to save and get a warning, look for the highlighted (problem) field and remember to add a placeholder. If you try to save without content in all required fields, you may lose your work! Yikes!

Online forms we need are:
- Report of the Trustees
- Safe Sanctuary Annual Policy Review
- 2019 Church Officers' Contact List - *Even if you elect officers at a different time of year, please complete the contact list report with current information.
- Membership Report (1st & 2nd readings) Note: This form may not be necessary for every church every year.

When all required forms are complete, submit!
Once you have completed all required forms, a "submit" button will become visible.  When all your reports are complete, simply click on the "submit" button and the forms will automatically arrive in your district office.  Hooray!


Watch this short video to learn more about navigating the forms

Charge Conference Forms 2018 from Greater Northwest Episcopal Area on Vimeo.


Compensation Worksheet

The clergy compensation forms are still handled on paper. Click here for the most up-to-date forms.
Be sure to select the form that matches you congregation/clergy situation.
Questions? Contact the Columbia District office at or (503) 802-9227.


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