Conference Leadership

Listed alphabetically below (and on the following pages) are the active conference and district committees and leadership positions. Click on the name to see the current committee members or the person holding that role:

Abundant Health Team (Conference)

Administrative Review Committee (Annual Conference)

Board of Global Ministries (Annual Conference)

Board Of Lay Ministry (Annual Conference)

Board Of Ordained Ministry (Annual Conference)

Board Of Pensions (Annual Conference)

Board Of Trustees (Annual Conference)

Camp and Retreat Ministries Board (Annual Conference)

Camp and Retreat Site Directors

Commission On Archives And History (Annual Conference)

Commission On Equitable Compensation (Annual Conference)

Committee On Investigation (Annual Conference)

Committee On The Episcopacy (Annual Conference)

Conference Archivist

Conference Associate Lay Leader

Conference Chancellor

Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries

Conference Lay Leader

Conference Nominating Committee (Annual Conference)

Conference Relations Committee

Conference Secretary

Conference Sessions Committee (Annual Conference)

Conference Statistician

Conference Treasurer

Congregational Development Team

Council On Finance And Administration (Annual Conference)

Dean of the Cabinet

Diaconal Committee On Investigation (Annual Conference)

Director of Connectional Ministries

Disaster Response Team (Annual Conference)

District Boards of Church Location and Building (District)

District Committee on Ordained Ministry (District)

District Committee on Superintendency (District)

District Extension Societies (District)

District Lay Leader (District)

Executive Director of Camp and Retreat Ministry

Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members - Officers (Annual Conference)

General Board Assignments

General Conference Delegates

Global Ministries Secretary (Annual Conference)

Higher Education and Campus Ministries (Annual Conference)

Hispanic Ministry Work Team (Annual Conference)

Holy Land Task Force (Annual Conference)

Innovation Vitality Team Directors

Joint Committee On Clergy Medical Leave (Annual Conference)

Journal Editorial Staff (Annual Conference)

Jurisdictional Committee Assignments

Jurisdictional Conference Delegates

Jurisdictional Conference Reserve Delegate

Legislative Assembly Members (Annual Conference)

LGBTQ+ Advocacy Team

Ministry Leadership Team (Annual Conference)

Native American Ministries Council (Annual Conference)

Northwest United Methodist Foundation (Annual Conference)

Order Of Deacons - Officers (Annual Conference)

Order Of Elders - Officers (Annual Conference)

Peace with Justice Coordinator

Personnel Committee (Annual Conference)

Rules Committee (Annual Conference)

Safe Sanctuary Coordinator (Annual Conference)

Safe Sanctuary Task Force (Annual Conference)

UMMRF Trustees

UMVIM - UM Volunteers In Mission Committee/Task Force (Annual Conference)

UWF Cascadia District (District)

UWF Columbia District (District)

UWF Conference Officers (Annual Conference)

UWF Conference President

UWF Crater Lake District (District)

UWF Sage District (District)