Conference Leadership Team


Becky Warren (Columbia)

home: 503-254-9788 

cell: 503-593-2807


Vice President   

Turella Woods (Columbia)

cell: 503-318-8711 



Gayle Woods (Sage)

home:  208-938-5964

cell: 208-571-0945



Barbara Garrett (Columbia) 2018

cell: 503-954-6729


Program Resource Room Managers

Ann Murchison (Columbia)

home: 503-697-3058

cell: 503-720-5455


Carol Richard (Columbia)

home: 503-652-3118 

cell: 503-704-1641


Mission Coordinators


Education & Interpretation

Leona Whitcomb



Social Action

Jo Ann English (Crater Lake)

cell:  541-743-6878


Spiritual Growth

Judi Day

home: 541-327-7802  

cell: 541-286-8701


Membership Nurture and Outreach

Carol Usher (Columbia)             

cell: 541-281-0415


150th Anniversary Celebration Committee

Debbie Haustedt (Cascadia)

cell: 619-857-2242


Oregon-Idaho Conference Program Advisory Committee Representative

Roz Collins (Columbia)                 

home: (503) 618-9999

cell: (503) 314-2320


Western Jurisdiction Leadership Team


Paula Sadler (Cascadia)


503-590-7976 (home)

971-732-9888 (cell)


Nominating Committee

Dixie Jacky



Mission u



Bonnie McOmber (Sage)

home: 208-939-4219

cell:  208-867-4846 


Assistant Dean Idaho

Mary Getchell (Sage)

cell: 208-860-2715  


Assistant Dean Oregon

Ann Murchison (Columbia)

home: 503-697-3058 

cell: 503-720-5455


Business Manager

Elinor Chehey



Committee on Nominations 



Class of 2019

Lynda Montgomery (Sage)

208-317-7196 (cell)


Class of 2019

Judy Halverson (Sage)

home:  208-327-0541

cell: 208-859-2049


Class of 2021

Donna Ward (Columbia)

208-317-7196 (cell)


Class of 2021

Sue Chambers (Cascadia)
home: 503- 538-2633


District Presidents

Cascadia District

Penny Hodge

cell: 503-488-9013


Columbia District

Janice Stevens              

cell:  503-314-2320


Crater Lake District

Marie Houck
home: 541-779-1056


Sage District

Evelyn Battema

home: 208-893-5021



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