Congregation Covenant Process

The Peace with Justice Covenant Congregation Program is for local churches seeking to carry out their commitments to God’s call for justice and peace in a covenanting community. This program is for congregations that want to respond as Disciples of Christ who follow in Jesus’ footsteps and believe that a ministry for peace and justice is a way to witness to the whole gospel.

The peace with Justice Covenant relationship begins with some specific commitments that require your congregation’s time and resources.

  • Your congregation enters into Bible study, prayer, and an agreement focusing on God’s direction for a more wholistic and holy community. A Commmunity that receives a word of hope and a vision of shalom in acts of caring, love, sacrifice, and communion. The opportunity to participate in this decision and to vote should be open to the whole congregation.
  • Your congregation commits to celebrate Peace with Justice Sunday and to take a special offering that provides funds for the peace ministry for your Annual Conference and the general church’s Peace with Justice program. This gives your congregation the opportunity to have an investment in the Peace with Justice community locally, nationally, and internationally. One-half of your PWJ offering stays within your Annual Conference while the other half supports the PWJ Program of the general church.
  • You are asked to designate a member of your church to be the local Peace with Justice Coordinator who will receive and send correspondence to the Conference Coordinator. Your coordinator will complete the application and annual renewal form.


Your church or group may covenant to:

  • Meet regularly for prayer and engage in Bible study to discern God’s guidance.
  • Study issues locally and globally, in light of the Gospel.
  • Work in your community on human needs and justice issues, get involved with affordable housing project, soup kitchen, shelter, or other hands-on expressions of love and concern.
  • Study ways to care for our environment and consider a new, nurturing life-style.
  • Participate in your community’s and nation’s politics on behalf of Peace with Justice.
  • Become involved with human lives and Christian witness in other countries of the world.
  • Pledge additional financial support for the Peace with Justice Program.
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