Crater Lake District

We are 42 congregations stretching from the coast to Klamath Falls and Lakeview, from Ashland and Cave Junction to Albany

We are named after a nationally known place centrally located in our district. It was the native people who witnessed the collapse of Mount Mazama, passing on that witness through their stories. The eruption of the volcano created a large hole that gradually filled with water. On May 22, 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt established Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States.

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Sheri Konowitz
Crater Lake District Administrator
(541) 689-3725
John Tucker
Crater Lake District Superintendent
(541) 689-3725


P.O. Box 41947
Eugene, OR 97404
Office Phone: (541) 689-3725
Email: craterlake@umoi.org