Current Disaster Response Opportunities

Early Response Team (ERT) Opportunities:

Rebuild Opportunities:

Wildfire Rebuilding Missions in Cal/Nev:

The California Nevada Conference is at two Long Term Recovery/Rebuild sites in Northern California.  Contact Steve Elliott Cal/Nev UMVIM Conference Coordinator for more information.

Long-Term Recovery in OR-ID:

Long-Term Recovery in the PNW:

  • Whatcom County. Rebuild teams are needed for residents who suffered damaging floods. Contact Cheryl Reagan for more information if you are interested in serving in Whatcom County, north of Seattle near the Canadian Border.
  • Okanogan Wildfire RebuildTeams are also needed in through out the summer for home rebuilding.  
    Contact Cheryl Reagan the PNW UMVIM Conference Coordinator for more information. 

Contact the OR-ID UMVIM Coordinator for additional details and contact information.  Although these efforts are usually a team formed from a church or group of nearby churches, we can usually connect individuals with teams that are planning work in these areas.  Let us know how you want to help.