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The weekly "DCOM Tips and Tricks" emails are stored here for your reference.

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#2: 11/22/2021 Educational Progress tracking tool for LLPs

Educational progress for licensed local pastors! It's everyone's favorite topic, right? OK, maybe not. But we've got a tool to help. This tracking sheet lists each LLP, sorted by district, along with their education to-date, and there's a handy color-coded column to indicate whether or not they're making appropriate progress*. 

* The tracking sheet is kept up-to-date by the BOM, but if you see an error, please alert us right away.

#1: 11/15/2021 DS Membership on DCOM

Welcome to the first of our weekly quick emails with ideas and resources for your DCOM work. These are designed to be super-short, so let's get to it!

Did you know that the District Superintendent is a voting member of the DCOM? From ¶666.1*: "The committee shall be composed of...the district superintendent....All persons named to the district committee on ordained ministry shall be members with vote." Be sure to include your DS's vote in all your action reports.

* If you don't have a Book of Discipline handy, you can find it for free online, then search on "666" (believe it or not, that's the paragraph number for DCOMs!)

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