Deacon Appointments

Deacons are persons called by God, authorized by the Church, and ordained by a bishop to a lifetime ministry of Word, Service, Compassion, and Justice, to both the community and the congregation in a ministry that connects the two. Deacons exemplify Christian discipleship and create opportunities for others to enter into discipleship. The work of deacons is a work of justice, serving with compassion as they seek to serve those on the margins of society. In the congregation, the ministry of the deacon is to teach and to form disciples,
and to lead worship together with other ordained and layperson.

(¶329.1, 2016 Book of Discipline)

Deacons are appointed by the bishop to ministry that fulfills their calling to Word, Service, Compassion, and Justice. ¶331 of the Discipline covers appointments to various ministries. Oregon-Idaho deacons and provisional deacons who are seeking a new appointment should first read ¶331, and then use the link below to access a request form that will be sent to the bishop and cabinet.

Appointment Request Form for deacons and provisional deacons