Disaster Preparedness

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Are you prepared for a disaster at home or in your community?

You, your home, church, ministry, or region are not immune to natural or human-caused disaster.

In order to provide continuity of ministry in your community, everything in effective disaster response depends upon:

  • your personal and family readiness, and
  • planning and preparation at your local church and ministry, .

When a disaster strikes, you will be hands and feet of Christ in your community. It is your responsibility to:

  • prepare yourself and your home,
  • participate in the preparation of your church and your business or ministry,
  • be a part of your community preparedness and response as you are able, before a disaster strikes, and
  • be in communication with your church, District Office, the District Disaster Response Coordinator, or the Conference Disaster Response Coordinator.

Disaster preparedness and response should be a continuous process that includes planning for action throughout the phases of disaster: Readiness, Rescue, Relief, Recovery and Review. In smaller disasters, these phases can move quickly, in larger ones, they can span several months or even years.

Our Conference and Districts are very large. If you do not tell your District Superintendent and the Conference there is a problem, they may not know in a timely manner.

To assist you in your planning, the following guides are available:

Support For Our Disaster Ministries

Our disaster ministries are only made possible through your financial support of UMCOR and our Conference funds. These are:

  • UMCOR Advance #901670 - source of funds for grants to support needs within the U.S. and Caribbean region. Make your contribution at the link.
  • Conference Disaster Response Fund - Fund #260; provides funds for preparedness and response within the Conference. Make your gift to Conference Advance #260 through your church, or give online here.
  • Conference Early Response Teams (ERT) Support Fund - Fund #261; provides support to help defray costs for Early Response Team preparedness and deployment. Make your gift to Conference Advance #261 through your church.

Planning Resources:

Basic Conference Plan - guidance for planning at all levels.

Functional Checklists - broken out from the Basic Plan as guides for actions you may be required to take in different phases of a crisis, when danger is immanent or has occurred, and for preparation of necessary after action reports:

Training and other aids

Training is available face-to-face and online from a variety of sources, including UMCOR and UMVIM trainers, the Red Cross, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Other references:

We need your review and comments of our Conference plan to make this plan and related resources meaningful for your local, district, or conference level of responsibility. Direct your comments to the Conference Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, your District Superintendent, or Conference administrator, as appropriate.

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