Disaster Response and UMVIM (ERTs)

UMVIM has a very special role in Disaster Response Ministry.

Early Response Teams (ERT) are specially trained UMVIM teams who serve in the immediate aftermath of disaster, generally doing cleanup tasks, but with the critical mission of providing a caring Christian presence to those directly impacted by a disaster.

ERT members must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Attend an 8-hour training class
  • Be Safe Sanctuaries certified
  • Pass a national background check
  • Update training and background checks every 3 years

ERT Training is offered periodically by this and our neighboring conferences.  Check the ‘UMVIM Training’ page for upcoming sessions.

Long Term Recovery Teams (commonly known as 'rebuild' teams) are UMVIM teams that go into a disaster area after cleanup has been completed and rebuilding and repair are underway.  These teams operate as regular UMVIM teams with no special training, other than that required for the tasks at hand; each site will be different and each site's needs will change over time.

Check the "Current Disaster Response Opportunities" page for current needs.

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