Disclosure and Background Check Resources

Voluntary Disclosure Form

Follow the link below to download a sample voluntary disclosure form for your church. The Word document can be customized to match the Safe Sanctuaries Policy of your church or ministry setting.
Download Sample Voluntary Disclosure Form

Trak-1 Background Check Information

The Oregon-Idaho Conference Board of Trustees has made arrangements for local churches to do background checks at a discounted rate. Each church will need to complete a customer service agreement with Trak-1 Technology, but start-up costs will be waived and only the cost of the report will be charged to the church. For more information, you can contact Trak-1 at (800) 600-8999.

Click Here to go directly to the United Methodist page on the Trak-1 website and begin the process. Once a service agreement is received and account is set-up, Trak-1 will contact you and will provide you with online user instructions generally within 24 hours of receipt. If you have any questions, please call (800) 600-8999.

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