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June 2020 Edition

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Update on quilts

Mission u will be online

Social Action message

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 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING So much has changed in just a few short months. We are socially distancing due to a global pandemic, we have 40 million people out of work, and we have people marching in the streets for social and racial justice.

I am proud to be part of our United Methodist Women’s organization as we have long been champions for equitable healthcare, income equality and racial justice. Our members have risen to meet challenges for over 150 years and will continue to do so as we move forward in these unique times. Generations ago our members collected pennies to support missionaries to India. Today our members sew face masks to prevent the spread of a deadly contagion. Today we make blankets for children in need. Today we raise funds to support missions throughout the world. Our work as United Methodist Women continues even in challenging times.

We are adapting to the changing times. Mission U will be online this year (watch for details). Our Cascadia District Annual meeting will be a virtual event. We are holding unit meetings via Zoom. Even in these trying times we are finding ways to be connected and do the work.

Yet, even in these changing times there is a constant, something that never changes. There is the deep abiding love of God who calls us to be God’s face in the world. Our God demands we call out injustices in the world. Our God challenges us to “hate what is evil: cling to what is good” (Romans 12:9).

We will keep moving forward together even though the times are changing. Y

ou are in my prayers! Penny Hodge, District President


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Cascadia District Executive Team - 2019-2020

Penny Hodge

Vice President

Marilyn Edmunds

Janelle Bolt

Communications Coordinator

Spiritual Growth

Carly Hodge
Social Action
Jane Storey


Mission Education and Resources 

Barbara Alexander


Membership Nurture & Outreach
Norma Sohn

Committee on Nominations:
Chris Mitchell


Linda Scheirman
Sue Hicks

Cascadia District Standing Rules


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