District United Methodist Women - Columbia

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Columbia Explorer - August 2022


Mark your calendar for Columbia Districts's Annual Meeting on September 10, 10 am-12:15 PDT on Zoom  The theme is Water Justice.  Watch for registration information coming soon.

Also inside this issue, It Begins with 3 Atoms, a devotion on Living Water, the proposed slate of officers, proposed district budget, and pledge card.  Read it HERE, or download and print it to read later and to share with others.


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Columbia District Slate of Officers - 2021-2022



Lydia Henry                             503-804-7758            lydiahenry626@gmail.com


Past President/Advisory Role:

Janice Stevens                         503-860-1452             grandmamaj@comcast.net


Vice President - Vacant



Loretta Milton                         503-287-3992             ljmilton@yahoo.com 



Suzanne Wardenaar                503-287-3446             wardenaar@msn.com



Clarice Kruschwitz                   503-309-4328             clarohn@msn.com


Resource Room: 

Clarice Kruschwitz                   503-309-4328             clarohn@msn.com


Education and Interpretation:  Vacant

Membership Nurture and Outreach:  Vacant

Spiritual Growth:

Donna Metcalf                    503-655-9049               donnalmetcalf@comcast.net

Social Action Coordinator:  Vacant


Loretta Milton                503-287-3992          lmilton@yahoo.com


Trudy Pollard     503-289-3570 (H)  503-970-5928 (C)    pollard81492@comcast.net


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