District Committees on Ordained Ministry


Chair: Amy Overton-Harris

Registrar: Laura Beville

BOM Liaison: Terry Neal

Other Members: Jeremy Hajdu-Paulen, Ben Hartley, Nancy Adams, Wendy Woodworth (DS) 


Chair: Marshall Wattman-Turner

Registrar: Heather Riggs

BOM Liaison: Linda Quanstrom

Other Members: Gaye Benson, Cynthia MacLeod (District Lay Leader), Becca Farrester Milligan, Marshall Wattman-Turner, Tim Overton-Harris (DS)  

Crater Lake

Chair: David Thompson

Registrar: to be named

BOM Liaison: Karlene Clark

Other Members: Ria Galo (District Lay Leader), Warren Light, Barbara Nixon, Karen Ziros-Smith, John Tucker (DS)


Chair: Phil Airhart

Registrar: Cherie Dearth

BOM Liaison: Michele Holloway

Other Members: Sharon Bryan (District Lay Leader), Desi Larson, Lisa Payton,  Jane Shaffer, Karen Hernandez (DS)


Resources for District Committees on Ordained Ministry



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