District United Methodist Women - Crater Lake

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2018 Proposed changes to the Crater Lake District standing rules here.  

Explanation of the proposed changes to the standing rules.

Crater Lake District Officers - 2017/2018


Marie Houck

Email:  enmhouck@gmail.com

Phone:  541-779-1056


Program Planner       

Joyce Barber

Email:  barber3953@comcast.net

Phone:  541-258-7819 (H); 541-409-3823 (C)



Connie Gienger

Email:  clgienger@gmail.com

Phone:  541-747-9234



Kirsten Allam

Email:  k.allam@comcast.net

Phone:  541-917-1804



Education and Interpretation

Sharon Smith

Email:  coastiecb1227@gmail.com

Phone:  (H) 541-361-6061. (C) 541-297-1752


Membership Nurture & Outreach

Cheryl Drumheller

Email:  mscrdrumheller@msn.com

Phone:  541-808-7371


Social Action

Charlotte Sutton

Email:  lee.char@msn.com

Phone:  (H) 541-344-4085


Spiritual Growth

Sandie Shinkle

Email:  Sandie214@budget.net

Phone: 541-761-1767


Resource Room Manager

Beverly Douglas

Email:  bdouglas2041@gmail.com

Phone:  541-821-0718



Chair - Jeannie Boese

Email:  jboeseumw@charter.net

Phone:  541-273-9579 (H); 541-331-3464 (C)

Committee Members - Babs Eggleston

Helen VanNice



Chair - Babs Eggleston   (2019)

Email:  inthefirs@grantspass.com

Phone:  541-476-7556


Committee Members

Shirley Leisinger   (2018)

Email:  asleis3294@yahoo.com

Phone:  541-258-5086


Helen VanNice   (2018)

Email:  vannice5935@comcast.net

Phone:  541-753-4118


Kathi Hoffer-Riedman (2021)

Email: kathihoffer@earthlink.net

Phone:  541-521-4149 (C); 541-485-7345 (H)


VACANT. (2021)


Boldly Making Disciples of Jesus Christ - Vitalizing the Church - Transforming the World