Grocery Gift Cards for Families

An effort to empower churches in Oregon-Idaho to engage in their local communities to provide support for families struggling to make ends meet during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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Oregon-Idaho Ministry Leadership team commits $100,000 to grocery gift cards


The Oregon-Idaho Conference Ministry Leadership Team is excited to offer a $100,000 grant to help churches get grocery gift cards into the hands of families across Oregon and Idaho.

The launch of “Grocery Gift Cards for Families” is meant to inspire churches to identify and engage with people in their community to reach those most in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Without access to food banks and news that the Oregon Food Bank is being stretched beyond capacity to meet demand of local sites, this grocery gift card program is more crucial than ever to individual families’ ability to survive. We know for many low-income individuals and families, meeting basic needs such as food, water and shelter was already a challenge, with limited access to community resources. Adding a pandemic on top of this has only made the situation move from bad to worse. It’s our moral obligation as followers of Jesus to help.

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If connected to one of our local churches, you're encouraged to partner with them to help make the gift cards a sustainable project in your community. You can also give through the Conference, which will provide support evenly across the Cascadia, Columbia, Crater Lake and Sage Districts.
Listen to Dr. Rev. Leroy Barber explain how this project preserves a person's dignity in the face of difficulty.

Grocery Gift Cards for Families


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