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Guidelines for Guests - Multi-lingual

The following documents were developed in response to requests for Safe Sanctuary guidelines in different languages for churches and ministry settings to share with guests. The document was written to highlight key aspects of the minimum standards required by the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference.

Please note: The English language template describes all aspects of these minimum standards and should also be available for all local worship settings. By conference rule, it is the English language template that must be approved and submitted to the District Office since it has all aspects of Safe Sanctuaries requirements. However, much of the what is necessary for congregations is represented in the translated versions, which will be useful day to day.

English-Korean - Translation by Rev. Dylan Huan


English-Tongan - Translation by Pastor Kalina Malua Katoa and Pastor Fungali Taufoou

English-Samoan - Coming Soon

If you have language needs, please let us know.