Holy Land Task Force

The Holy Land Task Force was established by Action of the 2013  Annual Conference session, with the charge to research companies ”affecting the Palestinian people in harmful way” in violation of already established United Methodist Church  resolutions, and to provide educational materials to UMC individuals, local congregations and districts.

The Task Force members (listed above right), many of whom have visited the Holy Land and can speak from personal observation and experience, are willing to make presentations to local congregations and other ministry settings.  The Task Force can also provide study resources.

People of faith have been praying about this issue for a long time; the Holy Land Task Force believes it is time to add action to our prayers!

Holy Land Related Actions of the Annual Conference:

In addition to the 2013 resolution establishing the Task Force, the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference has passed these resolutions:

Resources and Partners:

Kairos Response logo

Answering the urgent call from Palestinian Christians ~ in Kairos Palestine:  A Moment of Truth ~ for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land. www.kairosresponse.org

 Friends of Sabeel Logo

We are called to stand for generations to come, to build for our children a future in which violence is not an everyday concept.

Rev, Alex Awad

Alex AwadRev. Alex Awad, Palestinian Christian and retired United Methodist Missionary, who spent 30+ years as Dean of Students for Bethlehem Bible College, made a presentation on Ten Things Christians Can Do To Promote Peace in the Middle East at Portland's First United Methodist Church in 2017.

He has generously provided a copy of his Power Point as well as a written text. Rev.Awad has retired to the Eugene area, and is serving on the Task Force; he is available for presentations to congregations or other groups. Download his PowerPoint. Download his remarks.

Films for leaning and to spark discussion:

Task Force Members:

Dee Poujade, Chair (Portland)

Janine DeLaunay (Portland)

Liz Jacob (Portland)

Jan Nelson (Salem)

Claudia Roberts (Portland)

Rev. Alex Awad (Eugene)

Rev Michael Hart