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Conference Nominating Committee (Annual Conference)

Rule 13.000: 1 lay, 1 ordained from each district; DS's; district lay leaders; 1 youth (named by conference youth ministries); 1 ethnic person (named by CORR); DCM is consultant
First Name Last Name Email Phone City Role Responsibility
D. Scott Allen pastorscottallen@gmail.com Kuna Sage Clergy
Kathleen Boyes pastorkathy06@gmail.com Beaverton Cascadia clergy
Sharon Bryan smabryan@hotmail.com (208) 731-2581 Twin Falls Sage District Lay Leader
Anna Cho epworthportland@gmail.com (503) 232-5253 Portland Columbia District Clergy
Jessica Connor pastorjessieconnor@gmail.com (541) 345-8764 Eugene Crater Lake Clergy
Laurie Day laurie@umoi.org (503) 802-9207 Portland Director of Connectional Ministries
Norman Dyer ncdyer-oar@juno.com Beaverton Cascadia Laity
Soteria Galo molis@sou.edu Medford Crater Lake District Lay Leader
Karen Hernandez karen@umoi.org (208) 697-4510 Portland Sage District Superintendent
Rick Hohnbaum rhohnbaum@gmail.com Independence Crater Lake Laity
Cynthia MacLeod camacleod1317@gmail.com Portland Columbia District Lay Leader
Lynda Montgomery dynomont_3@msn.com Pocatello Sage Laity
To be filled Nominating Vacancies Youth memberEthnic Member named by CORR
Timothy Overton-Harris tim@umoi.org Portland Columbia District Superintendent
John Tucker john@umoi.org (541) 689-3725 Eugene Crater Lake District Superintendent
Turella Woods turellaw@gmail.com Portland Columbia District laity
Wendy Woodworth wendy@umoi.org (503) 581-3969 Salem Cascadia District Superintendent
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