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Commission On Equitable Compensation (Annual Conference)

¶625. equal numbers lay and clergy; at least 1 of each from churches with fewer than 200 members; 1 DS; uphold diversity values
First Name Last Name Email Phone City Role Responsibility
Daryl Blanksma darylb@alumni.duke.edu (208) 343-2892 Boise Chair
Elizabeth Winslea pastor@lincolnstreet.org Portland Member
Candace Clarke candace@umoi.org (503) 802-9222 Portland Conference Treasurer
Mativa Faatamala
Timothy Overton-Harris tim@umoi.org Portland Cabinet Liaison
Brandon Rhodes bdrhodes@icloud.com (503) 802-9227 Salem
Jonathan Umbdenstock jon.umbdenstock@gmail.com (208) 347-2427 New Meadows
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