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Personnel Committee (Annual Conference)

Rule 6.006: 4 ex-officio, non-voting members (bishop or designee, conference treasurer, dean of cabinet, HR manager); 4 lay, 1 clergy voting members with expertise in personnel issues; chair is elected by annual conference
First Name Last Name Email Phone City Role Responsibility
Marshall Beville oroetaz@outlook.com Silverton Member
Janice Gratton jandsgratton@comcast.net Vancouver Chair
Tim Overton-Harris tim@umoi.org Portland Member Cabinet Liaison
Elizabeth Winslea pastor@lincolnstreet.org Portland Member
Candace Clarke candace@umoi.org (503) 802-9222 Portland Conference Treasurer
Laurie Day laurie@umoi.org (503) 802-9207 Portland Bishop's Designee
Meg Kau meg@umoi.org (503) 802-9224 Portland Human Resources Manager
Cydni Waldner valemethodist@gmail.com Vale
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