Legislative Items go though a two part process:

  • First, they were reviewed by the Legislative Assembly.
  • Second, the Annual Conference session will take final action on all items. This may be done individually or by using a consent calendar to approve or disapprove items that were given recommendations by 90% or more of the Legislative Assembly members.

You can view or download the action requests and standing resolutions below. To read the individual items or packages you will need the Adobe Reader program or equivalent software. You can download it for free from this site. (Hint: If you have problems opening a file, download it first by RIGHT clicking on your mouse and saving the file to your computer.)

*Firefox users: Firefox may not display items correctly unless you have set it to use Adobe Reader to open PDF flies. Avoid this problem by downloading the item(s) to your computer and opening them with Adobe Reader.

Download a bundle of ALL LEGISLATION that includes any changes made by the Legislative Assembly, the Consent Calendars, and voting information.


Download the Legislative Assembly Bundle (includes items AR-A~F and SR-A~F as reviewed by the legislative assembly). Download items SR-G~I below, they arrived late.

Download/View Specific Items

Action Requests

AR-1 Changing Sexual Ethics Requirements for Retired Clergy

AR-2 Proposal to Divide the Principal of the Southern Oregon Project Fund

AR-3 Send a Letter Supporting Protecting the Right to Peacefully Address Injustice
         (Text of proposed letter)

AR-4 Conference Personnel Committee Rule Change

AR-5 Restructuring the Annual Conference Ministry Leadership Team

AR-6 Reasonable Compliance Required Under Conference Rule 2.024

AR-7 Abundant Health Task Force Formation, Mission, and Budget


Standing Resolutions

SR-1 Planetary Stewardship

SR-2 Open Membership (2013)

SR-3 Welcoming the Migrant in Our Midst

SR-4 Conference Support Sanctuary for Immigrants and Refugees

SR-5 Opposing Legislation Requiring Restraining Order Against Survivors in Cases of Domestic Violence

SR-6 Call to Study the Implications of Purchasing Hewlett Packard Office Equipment

SR-7 Protecting the Right to Peacefully Address Injustice through Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions

SR-8 Living Within the Discipline While Moving Forward with Ministry, Para 2702.1(B)

SR-9 Living Within the Discipline While Moving Forward with Ministry, Para. 304.3 (added 4/3)

Legislation should be sent to the legislative committee chair, Warren Light at uowesleycenter@gmail.com by March 17 if at all possible, and no later than April 1.

The process for submitting items after that date are described in rule 2.042 of the Conference Journal. Contact Warren Light for more information.

DOWNLOAD information for preparing legislation

DOWNLOAD the Action Request Form

DOWNLOAD the Standing Resolution Form

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