Legislative Items go though a two part process:

  • First, they were reviewed by the Legislative Assembly.
  • Second, the Annual Conference session will take final action on all items. This may be done individually or by using a consent calendar to approve or disapprove items that were given recommendations by 90% or more of the Legislative Assembly members.

You can view or download the action requests and standing resolutions below. To read the individual items or packages you will need the Adobe Reader program or equivalent software. You can download it for free from this site. (Hint: If you have problems opening a file, download it first by RIGHT clicking on your mouse and saving the file to your computer.)

Download a bundle of ALL LEGISLATION that includes any changes made by the Legislative Assembly, the Consent Calendars, and voting information.


Download the Legislative Assembly Bundle
(Includes items AR-A~F and SR-A~J as submitted to the legislative assembly BEFORE ANY EDITS.)


Download/View Specific Items

(Click on tile to view, Right-Click and "save as ..." to download)


Action Requests

AR – 1 Revisions for Scholarship Policies of the Board of Ordained Ministry

AR – 2 Inclusive Language to Be Used at Oregon-Idaho Conference and District Meetings and Worship

AR – 3 Child Incarceration and the United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child

AR – 4 Electronic Distribution of the Conference Journal - Replace Conference Rules 4.052 and 4.053

AR – 5 Cause the Oregon-Idaho Conference to Affirm Unity in Diversity to the General Conference (2019)

AR – 6 Bi-Lingual Signage for Welcome

These items were late submissions and are not included in other bundled documents:

AR – 7 Return of Land (Lot #4900) in Wallowa County to the Nez Perce Tribe

AR – 8 Petition for Adoptees to Obtain US Citizenship


Standing Resolutions

SR – 1 Standing on the Side of Love

SR – 2 Supporting Middle East Peace Efforts

SR – 3 Repair and Strengthen the 1965 Voting Rights Act

SR – 4 National Fair Trade Policy

SR – 5 Support for Inclusive Lay Staff Employment Policy

SR – 6 Support the Abolition of Human Trafficking (2009; r.2012, r. 2015)

SR – 7 Climate Change

SR – 8 Aligning Investments with Values Regarding Palestine and Israel

SR – 9 Close the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly named the School of the Americas or SOA)

SR – 10 Human Rights for Incarcerated Children

This item was a late submission and is not included in other bundled documents:

SR – 11 A Call to Prayerfully Address the Detention of Immigrant Children


NOTE:  Action Requests and Standing Resolutions had an alphabetical identifier for the Legislative Assembly. After they were organized into consent calendars, they received numerical identifiers for use at the Annual Conference Session.

Submitting Legislation

The process for legislation is controlled by the rules of the Annual Conference. For legislation to be reviewed by the Legislative Assembly, it was to have been submitted by April 1, 2018.

Conference rules allows for late submissions, with a different process.  See Conference rule 2.042 and contact the legislative committee chair, Warren Light at uowesleycenter@gmail.com.

DOWNLOAD information for preparing legislation (PDF)

DOWNLOAD the Action Request Form (MS Word)

DOWNLOAD the Standing Resolution Form (MS Word)

(Right click and "Save as ..." or "Save link as ..." to save documents on your computer.)

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