AC 2019 Legislation


LATE ITEMS - From Legislative Assembly, June 12, 2019

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Legislative Items go though a two part process:

  • First, they were reviewed by the Legislative Assembly when it met April 27 in Lake Oswego.
  • Second, the Annual Conference session will take final action on all items. This may be done individually or by using a consent calendar to approve or disapprove items that were given recommendations by 90% or more of the Legislative Assembly members.

You can view or download the action requests and standing resolutions below. To read the individual items or packages you will need the Adobe Reader program or equivalent software. You can download it for free from this site.
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Bundle of all legislative items
(a PDF flie of all legislative items, formatted for double sided printing or viewing on a PC or mobile device)

Note: There will be a "Handbook" for Annual Conference that contains all reports and legislation. Find it in the downloads section of the AC home page.


Items as reveiwed by Legislative Assembly in addtion the Legislative Assembly reviewed AR's AR #4,6, and 7 and AR #5. They also reviewed SR#8 and recomended it be an Action request (AR#8). (Available here as a reference item-Download the bundle above to prepare for AC.)


Action Requests

AR #1 Safe Sanctuaries

AR #2 Board of Ordained Ministry Scholarship Policies

AR #3 Healthy Boundaries Requirement

AR #4 Call for Structural Change

AR #5 Alaska Special Sunday

AR #6 Funding ban on LGBTQIA exclusion

AR #7 Aligning our apportionments with our values

AR #8 Disability Ministry Committee


General Conference Petition

GC #1 Amend Book of Discipline Para 717


Standing Resolutions

SR #1 Aligning Investments with Values

SR #2 Bring U.S. Government drone missile strikes under oversight

SR #3 A Call to Civility

SR #4 Middle East Conflicts

SR #5 Comprehensive Immigration Reform

SR #6 Standing Up for Inclusion

SR #7 Standing with United Methodists


Submitting Legislation

The process for legislation is controlled by the rules of the Annual Conference. For legislation to be reviewed by the Legislative Assembly, it must be submitted by March 29, 2019.

Conference rules allows for late submissions, with a different process. See Conference rule 2.042 and contact the legislative co-coordinators, Rev. Ruth Marsh ( and/or Rev. Adam Briddell (

DOWNLOAD information for preparing legislation (PDF)

DOWNLOAD the Action Request Form (MS Word)

DOWNLOAD the Standing Resolution Form (MS Word)

DOWNLOAD the General Conference Petition Form (MS Word)

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