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2021-2022 Appointment Year Forms and Reports

We have four major gatherings of reports during our yearly cycle of July - June:

  • Fall Charge Conferences
  • Clergy Sexual Ethics Policy Documentation - also in the fall (information will come separately from Board of Ordained Ministry about this)
  • Year End Reports due by January 31st
  • Church Fund Balance Report/Audit due by April 30th 

Please see below for information and links to forms as they are available. If you have questions, your district administrative assistant will be able to help you.

Linda Grund-Clampit
Cascadia District

Brandon Rhodes
Columbia District

Sheri Konowitz
Crater Lake District

Etha Carruthers
Sage District

For assistance with the year end statistical forms and the Fund Balance Report/Audit, you can check with the Conference Finance Office at 1-800-593-7539, option 4 (Toll Free), or 503-802-9223 (Direct) or by e-mail at sandra@umoi.org.

Summary of Forms

Forms and Reports Due at the Fall Charge Conference

Check your district's Charge Conference Reports page for details about and links for reports due at your fall charge conference (if not yet updated, it will be soon!):

Pastoral compensation forms will require information entered through a worksheet online, like last year. The district office will supply you with a Compensation Agreement document to be approved at your charge conference. Here is the link to begin that process: (https://www.umoi.org/clergycompensationforms

Other Clergy Reports (applicable only to some people) due at Fall Charge Conference time are:

These will be available for online completion and submission through the People Portal function of this website.  Scroll to the bottom of this or any page of this website and locate the People Portal link in the lower right hand side.  Click that link and log in (contact your district office if you don't have your log in information) and you'll find a link to the forms in the left hand menu as soon as they are available.

Forms Due January 31, 2022

Forms Due April 30, 2022


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