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Local Church Reports & Information

Annual Local Church Reports for 2023

We have three sets of reports required by local churches each year. All reports are from the boards and leaders of the local church to their congregation. Copies of the reports are sent to the district offices. The district offices provide information and forms; they also verify that reports are completed and submitted. It is the responsibility of those completing the reports to be sure copies are given to the church council/charge conference for their local records.

Information for each set of reports is found below.

If you have questions, your district administrator will be able to help you.

Linda Grund-Clampit
Cascadia District

Jennifer Fowler
Columbia District

Sheri Konowitz
Crater Lake District

Etha Carruthers
Sage District

For assistance with the year end statistical forms and the Fund Balance Report/Audit, you can check with the Conference Finance Office at 1-800-593-7539 (Toll Free), or 503-802-9217 (Direct) or by e-mail at sarag@umoi.org.

Information about Reports and How to Find the Forms

Hint: Forms are found on your Church Dashboard during each reporting season.

Year End Reports (due January 31, 2023)

These reports are done at the beginning of the year and are a review of the previous year. The reports and forms are found in the Church Dashboard. Clergy have access to the Church Dashboard through their People Portal. Church leaders access the Church Dashboard directly. Links to both are found at the upper right of this webpage, where it says "Login."

There are two links found in the Church Dashboard related to Year End Reports; both are required. One is to the membership and parsonage report which are reports from the local church leadership to the church (titled year end reports for 2022) and one to the statistical reports which are reports about the local church which go to the annual conference and the general conference (titled GCFA AC Stats auto login). 

  • Membership Report (full report) - this report lists the names of people becoming members or leaving membership of our local church during the past year.
  • Parsonage Report - This report lists details about the condition of the parsonage (some Columbia District churches completed this as part of fall charge conference reports).
  • Year-End Statistical Reports - These reports report statistics about membership, groups, and attendance, expenses, and income of our church during the previous year. This information is passed along to the annual conference and general conference for statistical purposes. The history and graphs from these reports show the changes in local churches over time.

Fund Balance Report/Audit (due April 30, 2023)

The Committee on Finance of a local UMC is required to make provision for an annual audit of the records of all the financial officers (including the financial secretary or church business manager and treasurers) of the church and all its organizations and shall report to the Charge Conference (Church Council). This report is also submitted to the district office.

Resources and the forms are found in the Church Dashboard. Clergy have access to the Church Dashboard through their People Portal. Church leaders access the Church Dashboard directly. Links to both are found at the top right of this webpage where it says "Login."

Online Training Resources:

  • If you want more information about the audit, this article (which contains a webinar filled with answers to all your questions) at Discipleship Ministries is recommended.

It is important that the person completing the audit not be one of your counters, financial secretary, treasurer or finance chair. Sometimes churches "swap" with a neighboring church finance teams to complete the audit.

Fall Charge Conference Reports (due Oct. - Dec. 2023)

Each district will have a webpage with details about the charge conference meetings and reports due in advance of the meetings. Most reports are from the church leadership to the charge conference (church members) but some are for the annual conference. Some reports are related to ministry over the past year and some are related to the upcoming year so care is needed when preparing the reports.  The following links are to information from the 2022 charge conferences and will be updated in early fall 2023.

Church reports are entered through the Church Dashboard.

Pastoral compensation is entered through the People Portal.

Other Clergy Reports
 due at Fall Charge Conference time are accessed by the person completing the report through the People Portal. Persons required to complete these reports should give a copy to their local church before the charge conference. These reports include:

  • Deacons Report
  • Extension Ministers Report
  • Honorable Location Report
  • Retired Clergy Report