MicroGrant Project: Bend First UMC

After a day of listening in the midst of our pastoral transition we heard that the aging population in our congregation felt like they were losing touch with younger generations.

In an effort to empower this group to continue to offer leadership we began "The Elijah Project." With the grant money we purchased equipment for recording and editing audio/video. Each month our inter generational team heads to a individual's home to interview them about their story of faith. We catalog the video and then show an edited version in our worship context. Our goal is to create more interview teams. We would love to offer this opportunity to as many congregation members as we can. We have found that sharing our stories of faith can bring meaning and purpose to our aging population as well as give those who are younger an opportunity to "meet" and hear from others.

This project has definitely had a learning curve. It took a while to figure out how we were going to work as a team and create quality recordings. But at this point we are moving along smoothly and we are so excited for the future of this project!

Here is a link to our last video:


For more information, contact Rev. Nicole Berry.