MicroGrant Project: Silverton UMC

We are grateful for the generous micro-grant from Cascadia District Extension Society of $500, a vision to do something new and partnerships with new people in our community!

Our vision was to create a community garden.  People are responsible for caring for their own boxes which will be housed in the empty lot behind our parking lot. We will be using "Earth Boxes" which are smaller boxes and will give us an opportunity to plant and grow small but mighty plants in our confined garden space.

Thanks to the hard work of Marge and Dave Kemper, we partnered with Wilco which donated a $300 gift card to help the garden! We are also partnering with a variety of food-sharing community partners who serve our neighbors in need throughout Silverton: Our partner church Trinity Lutheran’s Saturday Meals, Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA), and Sheltering Silverton who will all be the recipients of our “teaching boxes.”

To start, we have purchased 15 boxes (more can be purchased, if necessary!!). Five will be used for our community partners as "teaching boxes," and the rest will be offered to neighbors to use in our rustic garden space on our property.

Contact Rev. Laura Beville for more information