MicroGrant Project: Stayton FUMC

With the $500 received, we purchased 100 reusable grocery bags with our church logo, address and the words “saving God’s creation one bag at a time” printed on each bag.

On April 28, at our Earth Day Service, we launched the project. We provided training during the worship service including both a written and verbal explanation of the purpose behind the micro grant project to reach new people, and written examples of conversations people could use to engage neighbors and acquaintances about the need to protect the environment.  We used skits with the adults and children to make doing this project fun. Each family group was encouraged to take 2 bags and carry them in their car so they would be handy to talk about and share. People were encouraged to engage folks in conversations about the beauty of this area and our church’s commitment to shape a world where all could thrive.

The goal is to hear back from people about how they used these bags to engage people in conversations about the environment and the need for faith communities to play a role in changing how we live.

For more information, contact Rev. David Madden