MicroGrant Project: Woodburn UMC


In August of 2108, the Woodburn Family Learning Center requested, in a two and one half page application, that the Woodburn United Methodist Church consider directing the $500 grant funds offered by the Oregon Idaho Conference to the Center for its needs.  

Three members of the WUMC are also volunteer Board Members at the Learning Center. One additional Church member volunteers at the Center to help with the children. This Center has operated continuously for 47 years with minimal federal, state and donation funding and is constantly in need of funds to provide for needs in addition to the State Migrant Funds that it receives from the State of Oregon for salaries, student materials and meals.

The Center serves 46 infants, toddlers, preschool children and school age children under 12 years of age. That number increases during the summer.

One of the Center’s needs was to enhance security in its building.  The doors are kept locked.  Parents and visitors must knock at the front door. Previously, staff had to leave their duties to go to the door to give access to the building. With the grant money we purchased and had installed a Ring Security Camera and a Bluetooth enabled smart lock for the front door.  This allows staff to view the person wishing to enter the premises from their smart phone.  The Smart Lock (door opener) for the front door can then be opened remotely on a smart phone.  This allows parents to enter in the morning drop off and evening pick up without staff constantly trekking to the front door.

Contact Pastor Kalina Malua Katoa for more information

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