Ministers of Other Denominations (MODs)

Ministers from other denominations who are serving United Methodist congregations have the same compensation structure as United Methodist clergy, but they may participate in their own denomination's benefit programs rather than the United Methodist benefit programs.  Minimum compensation for MODs is the same as for UM clergy.

Clergy compensation includes cash salary and housing.  The church shall also provide an accountable reimbursement fund (including mileage reimbursement).  Benefits are available based on whether the position is full-time, three-quarter time, half-time or quarter time -- and whether the clergy person is or is not retired.  If they are retired, please go the Retired Clergy link.

For 2021, the Annual Conference Session approved a new way of thinking about base compensation.  We used to have two minimums:  one for cash salary, and one for housing allowance, if that applied. This year there is a minimum base compensation when a parsonage is provided, and a separate minimum base compensation (higher) where a parsonage is not provided.  Where a parsonage is not provided, the clergy person will allocate an amount for housing allowance appropriate for their situation.  Be sure to read the new Equitable Compensation Guidelines for 2021.  

Before you complete the online compensation information entry form, be clear on what benefits  the clergy will participate in and from which denomination.  The following resources will be helpful as you prepare:


Click here to go to the 2021 MOD Clergy
Online Compensation Information Entry Form


Questions?  Contact your district office or the Conference Benefits office:

Cascadia District Office, Linda Grund-Clampit - District AA,   (503) 581-3969

Columbia District Office, Brandon Rhodes - District AA,   (503) 802-9227

Crater Lake District Office, Sheri Konowitz - District AA,  (541) 689-3725

Sage District Office, Terri Bartish - District AA,   (503) 802-9225

For questions regarding benefits, contact Meg Kau, Conference HR/Benefits Specialist,, (503) 802-9224.



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