Ministers of Other Denominations

Requirements for Recognition of Orders for Ministers of Other Denominations (MOD)

A MOD may have their orders recognized for an appointment by the Bishop within the Oregon-Idaho conference after completing the following steps:

  • Submit ordination credentials to the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) by contacting bom@umoi.org.
  • Provide written assurance of Christian faith and experiences by providing a biographical sketch, statement of theological belief, and a history of call to pastoral ministry.  All paperwork needs to be sent to the BOM's MOD Coordinator via the Administrative Coordinator, who will set up a secure dropbox folder for the paperwork and other materials.
  • Release psychological reports if required (to be determined by the MOD Registrar and the Board's Ministerial Assessment Specialist liaison).  The Board of Ordained Ministry may require that a candidate submit the psychological evaluation information obtained by the original denomination’s ordination process.  
  • Complete the required Disclosure Form and have it notarized.  Submit this form along with a resume that includes professional and personal references and education information to the BOM's MOD Coordinator in the dropbox link provided by the BOM's admin (bom@umoi.org).
  • Provide written evidence to show support of United Methodist doctrine, history, and polity.
  • Undergo a criminal background and records check through the BOM's administrative coordinator
  • Interview with the Board of Ordained Ministry interview committee.
  • A vote by the Clergy Session of the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference. Between conference sessions, the Board of Ordained Ministry may approve the MOD for appointment, pending the recognition of their orders.
  • More complete information is detailed in the 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline, ¶346.2.