Ministers of Other Denominations

Requirements for Recognition of Orders for Ministers of Other Denominations (MOD)

A MOD may have their orders recognized for an appointment by the Bishop after completing the following steps:

1.  Submit ordination credentials to the MOD Registrar of the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) and the area District Superintendent (D.S.).

2.   Provide written assurance of Christian faith and experiences by providing a biographical sketch, statement of theological belief, and a history of call to pastoral ministry.  All paperwork needs to be sent to the area District Superintendent who will review it before sending it to the MOD Registrar on the Board of Ordained Ministry for completion of the process.

3.  Release psychological reports if required (to be determined by the D.S. and the MOD Registrar).  The Board of Ordained Ministry may require that a candidate submit the psychological evaluation information obtained by your denomination’s ordination process.  If the candidate is required to do so, the Board of Ordained Ministry will inform the applicant as to how to complete this requirement. (2012 Book of Discipline ¶346.2) 

4.  Complete the required Disclosure Form and have it notarized.  Submit this form along with a resume that includes professional and personal references and education information to your area District Superintendent.

5.   Provide written evidence to show support of United Methodist doctrine, history, and polity.

6.   Complete the Release for Criminal Background Check form and present all written materials to the area District Superintendent no less than two weeks prior to meeting with the BOM interview team.

7. Interview with the Board of Ordained Ministry interview committee.



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