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Where in Nepal is Katherine?

I'm not! I came back to the USA in mid-March, intending to join the Board of Directors meeting at Global Ministries and return to Nepal a week later. But when I reached my transit point in Turkey I learned of the plan to close flights from Europe to the US, and by the time I reached the US, Nepal had started imposing travel restrictions that made it impossible for me to get back. Then Nepal shut down all international flights and long-haul buses, and finally went into lockdown, restricting everyone to stay at home except to visit your closest local shop for food. So I'm stuck here in California for the duration, which has been a mixture of guilt of not being with my community at this time of need and gladness that I can be a comfort to my family.


Who is a missionary?

Missionaries are individuals or teams serving the least, the last, and the lost wherever the need is identified. Service may be in the local community, the region, elsewhere in the nation, or internationally. We classify our missionaries in two categories:

  • The traditional missionary program run through the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM), which places missionaries around the globe.
  • Mission Volunteers, where individuals work unpaid for either a short-term or long-term commitment.

Global Mission Fellows, a program developed specifically to engage young adults ages 18 - 30, is just one example of opportunities available for you to reach out and serve others.

Regardless of the type of service, missionaries depend on your prayers and generous financial support to accomplish their tasks.

Partnerships in Mission: Missionary Service

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