Mission Opportunities

Sites and Projects

Use these lists when looking for a place to take an UMVIM team. Click the location to access the list; contact details are included. 



 NOMADS are mission volunteers who:
  • are looking for retirement with a purpose
  • enjoy traveling in an RV
  • want to share their Christian faith
  • enjoy using their skills in service to others

Mission Volunteers

Mission Volunteers are individuals or couples (ages 18 and up), who seek long-term partnerships with communities around the world. Mission Volunteer opportunities are diverse and range from working with refugees, children and youth, serving as a teacher, pastor, camp director or health care professional. The length of service ranges from two months to more than two years.

When you volunteer, we all grow! Learn more about becoming a Mission Volunteer.

Global Mission Fellows

Global Mission Fellows are young adults, ages 20–30, who are committed to work in social justice ministries for two years. They serve outside of their home communities, either in the United States or overseas. This graduate-level fellowship allows participants to address the root causes of oppression and alleviate human suffering alongside community organizations in a variety of issues including public health (including HIV/AIDS), migration/immigration, education and poverty.

News and Newest Opportunities from Western Jurisdiction

Not finding something that suits?  Contact your Conference UMVIM coordinator, Louise Kienzle.

Teams preparing for mission:



  • Dates: January 5-9, 2020
  • Magic Valley Ministries
  • Contact: Etha Carruthers



Looking for youth service opportunities?

Sierra Service Project (SSP) is committed to providing safe, accessible, and affordable programs for youth to deepen their relationships with God and others through service. SSP trips cover housing, meals, construction training, spiritual development, fellowship and more. They also offer scholarships to groups and individuals who may not otherwise be able to attend.
See details on the SSP website.

L.A.S.T. Living and Serving Together

L.A.S.T. is a service-learning project that links small groups of youth and adults with service opportunities. Participants are encouraged to think through what they are doing from a biblical perspective. Time is spent studying the root causes of poverty and examining ways to be a part of the greater solution. Through service, participants learn about the food distribution system from community garden to food bank, serve at a soup kitchen, work alongside a man who has a passion for the environment, encounter the wisdom of older adults and children, serve lunch at a local free lunch program, do minor painting and yard work. Participants explore the root causes of poverty, experience what it feels like to be in a different culture, see new places and meet new people, study the Bible with new eyes, and break out of their comfort zones.

L.A.S.T. is active in three locations: Portland and Eugene, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

Email Jeff Lowery directoroflast@gmail.com for information on how to reserve your week.

Idaho Mission Project (IMP)

The Idaho Mission Project (IMP) is based out of Twinlow United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center in beautiful North Idaho. They partner with local not-for-profit organizations to help make an IMPact in the Spokane/Coeur D' Alene area. They also provide a combination of Mission Trip and Summer Camp Experience all wrapped into one week. Service projects are tailored to your group’s abilities and goals based on the information you provide when registering. IMP partners with local organizations that are on the front lines serving individuals and communities in need.

Service projects take place in the mornings with the group returning to Twinlow in the afternoons to enjoy some rest time, lake time, whatever is needed, and then gather for dinner with the camp community. Each evening there will be an opportunity to reflect and share with each other the highs and lows from the day. Bible Study will be incorporated and can be led by Twinlow staff. There will be evening campfire, group games and activities with the rest of the camp community. At the end of the night is a chance for youth leaders to gather their own group and accomplish any personal goals your group might have or work with other group leaders to dive deeper into reflection and service learning.


UMCOR Donations 

All monies collected for UMCOR go through your church treasurer and are sent to the Conference Treasurer with the ADVANCE #901440 on the memo line. Remember, 100% of the money you donate goes to the program you specify!

Relief Kits 

Relief kits help provide care for the most vulnerable people during times of crisis. UMCOR is presently focusing on these kits: hygiene, cleaning kits and school bags. Contents can be found on the UMCOR website under RELIEF SUPPLIES with specific instructions on how to assemble and pack the kits. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE PACKING SLIPS OR MONEY.

Transportation of relief kits to the Salt Lake City UMCOR Depot (UMCOR West) is provided. Kits will be transported twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  Monetary donations are requested to help cover transportation costs (gas and meals). These donations can be sent in a check written to "Conference Treasurer", with # 1-44-320-5499 on the memo line, and sent to United Methodist Conference Center, 1505 SW 18th Ave., Portland, OR   97201.    

There are twelve United Methodist churches in our conference that serve as collection points. Kits can be brought to any of these churches for storage until they are picked up for delivery to UMCOR West.

                 Crater Lake District: Grants Pass, Coburg and Ebbert Memorial

                 Cascadia District: Trinity - Salem

                 Columbia District: Tabor Heights, Lake Oswego and Rainier

                 Sage District: LaGrande, Caldwell, Boise First, Jerome and Pocatello

Serving at UMCOR West Depot

Individuals and groups can sign up to work at the Depot in Salt Lake City for a week or less. Contact Rev. Brian Diggs, director: bdiggs@umcor.org   801-973-7250. Once you have a date, please register your team with the Oregon-Idaho UMVIM Coordinator.

Housing is available at:

For more information contact Donna Waltman, UMCOR Coordinator for UMCOR West Depot,    dgwaltman@frontier.com    503-622-3226

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