NEW Clergy and Lay Assigned Compensation Forms

This year we are trying a new process to generate the Compensation Agreement Forms for clergy and lay pastors serving at local churches.

Beginning at this web page, you will be guided through a series of questions that will lead you to a worksheet where you can enter relevant information regarding the compensation and benefits package for your particular situation.

When you have completed the online information worksheet, you will let your district office know that it is ready.  They will then take the information you provided and create a Compensation Agreement Form, which will be sent to you for presentation at a charge conference for approval.  The district office will also provide you with a document to guide whoever does your payroll.

Local church compensation for clergy and lay pastors can be complex. Persons who serve in the pastoral role in United Methodist churches are lay persons, United Methodist clergy, and clergy from other denominations.  United Methodists deacons are clergy who may serve in non-pastoral roles in local churches. These different types of persons are subject to different tax liabilities and to different benefit coverages.  Persons serving in the pastoral role may serve one church or as many as four or five. The goal of this new process is to guide you to the set of questions which are relevant to your church and your personnel.

The first step in preparing compensation is to know if your personnel are lay persons or clergy persons.

Is your minister a lay person?  Lay persons serving as pastors are Certified Lay Ministers or lay supply pastors.  They have not been licensed, commissioned, nor ordained.  They are assigned by the District Superintendent. If your pastor is a lay person, Click here.


Is your minister a clergy person?  Clergy persons are those who have been licensed, commissioned, or ordained by The United Methodist Church or another denomination.  These include Full or Provisional Elders in The United Methodist Church (active or retired), Associate Members, Full or Provisional Deacons, Licensed Local Pastors, and clergy persons from other denominations. If your minister is a clergy person, Click here.

Please follow the links above to find the correct information worksheet for your situation. 

Once you are familiar with the process, you can use the menu links in the left hand column to navigate through the process.  Once you have entered information into the worksheet, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your particular worksheet so that you can return to it directly.  Links to supportive informational documents are listed throughout the process as you might need them. 

For ease of access as well, these documents and links are also listed below, along with contact information for the district office.  If you have any questions or need support with the process, contact your district office.


Equitable Compensation Guidelines 2020

Clergy Housing Standards

Housing and Housing-Related Allowances Worksheet 2020

Request for Housing Exemption

Sample Accountable Reimbursement Policy

Accountable Reimbursement Worksheet

IRS information re business mileage rate 


Cascadia District Office, Linda Grund-Clampit - District AA,   (503) 581-3969

Columbia District Office, Brandon Rhodes - District AA,   (503) 802-9227

Crater Lake District Office, Sheri Konowitz - District AA,  (541) 689-3725

Sage District Office, Terri Bartish - District AA,   (503) 802-9225

For questions regarding benefits, contact Meg Kau, Conference HR/Benefits Specialist,, (503) 802-9224.


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