New Circuit Riders


New Circuit Riders What is New Circuit Riders?

  • A group of 6 participants and 2 facilitators seeking to more effectively lead our congregations and ministries

  • A place for contextual and experiential peer-led learning where participants both learn from and teach one another 

  • A covenant community that promotes respect, trust, and collaboration through care, support, and prayer

  • A framework that provides training and resources for continuing education


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Invitation from
Rev. Steven Wolff:

You are invited to join!



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Testimonial from
Rev. Tillie Makepeace:

What NCR has meant to me


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Who is New Circuit Riders for?

How will NCR help me? What will I learn?


How do I find out more? I’m Interested in NCR

How do I join a group? Sign Me Up!

Who is New Circuit Riders for?

  • United Methodist ministry leaders in the Greater Northwest Area (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho)

  • Licensed Local Pastors

  • Certified Lay Ministers

  • Lay Persons Assigned to lead a church

  • Lay persons leading/preaching within a church

The future vision is that NCR would include ordained clergy and unite all ministers in peer-based, experiential professional development.

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How will NCR help me?

New Circuit Riders is designed to do three things: 

  1. Build a network of support among United Methodist ministers and leaders of common interests and challenges
  2. Enhance your skills of listening, sharing, and reflecting 
  3. Provide resources, skills, and tools to address the real challenges you face in ministry

What will I learn?

  • Each group can select and combine learning topics that are most applicable and timely for the context and needs of participants. 

  • See the Learning Lectionary.

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What are participants expected to do? 

  • Commit to sharing the journey of ministerial leadership in a deeper connection

  • Participate in 2-hour monthly meetings (primarily via Zoom with option for in-person meetings if feasible)

  • Create and hold each other accountable to the group’s shared and agreed upon covenant

  • Share in selecting the learning topics to ensure relevance for the group

  • Hold all group conversations as confidential 

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What are facilitators expected to do?

  • Facilitate creating a sacred space for trusting, listening, and exploring 

  • Frame the interactions for connecting, sharing, and learning

  • Mentor participants within the structure of the group

Your group will be led by two experienced facilitators who will attend every session, work with you to develop your meeting covenant, create and hold sacred space during the meeting, guide you through the reflecting process, and connect you to ongoing training.

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When and how do groups meet?

  • Monthly meetings are suggested at a mutually agreeable day and time determined by the group.

  • Meetings use a 2-hour format. See sample meeting outline. [link coming]

  • Nine meetings are recommended for one year.

    • Up to 3 additional meetings can be held to go deeper on a relevant topic or cover a topic not on the recommended Learning Lectionary list.

  • In-person or online formats can be used depending on the needs of the participants.

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How do I find out more? 

  • Click I’m Interested in NCR to fill out a form that will register your interest and connect you to the New Circuit Riders Coordinating Team.

  • Attend/watch one of the New Circuit Riders Informational Meetings via Zoom.

    • Dates and times to be announced.

  • Contact the New Circuit Riders Coordinating Team at

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How do I join a group?

  • Click Sign Me Up! to fill out a form that will register your interest in joining New Circuit Riders. 

  • Once you indicate your desire to be part of a group, the New Circuit Riders Coordinator and Design Team will group you with others who share similar interests and contexts with you and your ministry setting. 

    • Geographic groupings are a possibility, depending on participant needs.

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