Conference Responds to Imagine No Malaria


A Letter from your  Imagine No Malaria Field Coordinator, Julia Frisbie
Dear friends,
As I reflect on last week’s Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, I’m blown away by your generosity. THANK YOU for hearing the story of Imagine No Malaria and responding with such abundance!
We weren’t able to announce a reliable total during the plenary session because it just kept growing, but after going through all my notes, here’s my best guesstimate for what we raised together in Salem: more than $35,000. WOW! That includes the church special offerings that were brought, the offering taken during worship, and registration fees and pledges from the 5K.
Julia Frisbee in WorkshopI can tell that Imagine No Malaria has been on your mind for quite a while. During my laity workshop on Thursday, I got some of the best questions I’d ever been asked. I also had some wonderful conversations at the booth. Our conference is making serious progress towards its $350,000 goal, and we’re ready to take it to the next level and reach outside our walls. If you’re not sure how to send in money, you can download a local church treasurers guide.
A highlight for me was the morning of the 5K run/walk (see pictures). Thank you to everyone who got up early to volunteer and participate. The Bishop yelled, “On your marks, get set, GO!” and two hundred red-clad people rushed across the starting line beaming. That morning we were not just runners and volunteers, but cheerleaders. Our partners in AfricaStarting Line have the longer and tougher race. I pray that our prayers and donations will buoy them up as they continue the good work.
In plenary later that morning, you responded to my presentation with a generosity beyond what I could calculate on the spot! The night before, we had auctioned Alva Mitchell’s hat off for Imagine No Malaria after our awards gala dinner. Crater Lake District Superintendent Gwen Drake won the bidding and returned it to him, but the Vale cowboy said he had plenty of hats and offered it again. So, we re-auctioned Alva’s hat to entire districts as each competed for the privilege of NOT having their representative wear a mosquito suit.
Julia FrisbeePastors, take note: even if you feel like lone rangers sometimes, your colleagues will step up when you’re in need. No one is going to let you wear a horrifying costume during plenary. (Except maybe Scott Allen, who came up with this whole idea-- they let him squirm for a few minutes. If anyone has pictures, send them my way!)
As far as I can tell, the new market value of Alva’s hat is $12,477. I’m still not sure why you let me take it home! But I plan to take it with me to the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference this weekend and tell the story. You never know what God will use to raise money for Imagine No Malaria.
Thank you again,

Contact Julia at inm@greaternw.org for information, resources and to schedule an INM training for several churches in your area or go to inm.greaternw.org.