Plans for LGBTQ+ inclusive senior housing at Christ UMC in Portland moving forward


Christ United Methodist Church Cedar Mill is moving forward with plans for a 53-unit affordable housing complex on its property that is explicitly LGBTQ friendly.

For two years, the church council there has been studying and exploring the possible uses for two lots east of the church building.

There is a critical need in Portland, specifically in the Beaverton area where CUMC is located, for affordable housing for senior citizens.

Pastor Ric Shewell said the church is now working with SAGE, an advocacy group for LGBTQ seniors, to create one of the first LGBTQ-friendly affordable housing projects of its kind in Portland. The church has received support and recommendation from the Disability, Aging and Veteran Services of Washington County.

Church leaders are ready to submit the plans to the county and will begin to seek funding, as well as additional input from church members before proceeding.