Camp Magruder Welcomes Young Adults This Spring


Waking up at Camp Magruder, in Rockaway Beach, Oregon, you may start your morning on a beach walk with Pacific Ocean waves lapping at your feet. You may watch morning fog rise off the lake. You might sit down to a warm drink and talk with a friend in the Dining Hall. Being surrounded by nature and friendship in this way can be a sacred experience, and we see it amongst nearly 10,000 guests yearly. 
Our hope for every guest is to feel more awake, more connected to life, to feel a bit healed. Regardless of what they might call it, we want every guest to feel the Spirit during their stay, whether it comes from outdoor encounters in our incredible coastal setting, the connection of community, or the experience of loving, accepting hospitality. This version of Christian hospitality is a living example of our faith and a representation of the church to all guests.
Camp Magruder programs youth, family, and adult camps and also welcomes other groups with all sorts of missions and purposes, each one of them interesting and inspiring. Campers, families, volunteers, and non-profit groups return annually, and it feels like a family reunion each time as our connections deepen.
This Spring we are intentionally offering space for our young adults to find community and spiritual connection. We see how this age is a challenging one to build communities of faith and wrestle with one’s spiritual identity as the world changes so quickly. We hope to discover together how faith will evolve in the coming years, blossoming into something grand that will bring joy, hope, and healing. We will host a weekend retreat for young adults this March 17-19 and a Q Retreat for LGBTQ young adults May 19-21. (Young Adult Retreat information)  (Q Retreat information).
There are so many ways to be involved in the wonderful things happening at Camp Magruder. Youth and families can sign up for one of our summer camps. Groups can schedule a retreat. UM pastors can stay at our Guest House for respite for a donation. Volunteers can help in this incredible work and spend time away in this beautiful environment.
See the ocean scenery, eat meals cooked from scratch in our dining hall, connect with other people, experience the healing power of play and nature, feel the Spirit of God moving through wind, waves, and sand. The Magruder staff is excited to greet everyone who wakes up here in this place set apart.
Contact Camp Magruder to book your retreat, to volunteer or to inquire about job openings for this summer. 
Troy Taylor, Director, 503-355-2310, troy@campmagruder.org