Property Insurance Forms Due Sept.12

Property Insurance Forms Due Sept.12


Go directly to the 2014 Property Exposure Form

or read more about it below.

Today’s sources of insurance in Oregon-Idaho churches range from hometown agents to the two largest church insurance carriers in the region and nation. However, the levels of coverage vary widely which underlines the vulnerability we have both as local churches and as a conference.
Now it is time for a more detailed look at each church’s risk potential.  All this will help your Conference Board of Trustees draft minimum standards for local insurance coverage in these litigious times as well as choices that are optional (like earthquake and flood insurance). 

Please ensure the form is returned by September 12.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting the assets of our Church! This is another form of stewardship we are all called to do!
Peace and grace,
Grant Hagiya, Bishop             Belinda Denicola, Conf. Treasurer     Larry McClure, Trustees Chair


This information has been sent to the pastor (via email), the finance chair, trustees chair and the council chair (via postal service) of your church.  However, only one person needs to complete the form and return it to Sally Blanchard at the Conference Center by any one of the provided formats. Please ensure it is returned by September 12, 2014.
We have provided the form in three separate formats for your convenience.
Format #1 – Constant Contact Survey (emailed to pastors only). Instructions were in the email to the pastor(s) of each church.
Format #2 – Downloadable Word File on the Conference’s Website
  1. Go to the property exposure form, click on "enable editing" at the top of the form and save to your computer.
  2. Enter your church’s information.
  3. Save the file so that you can come back to it later as you retrieve your answers.
  4. Once you have completed the entire worksheet, save the file and email it along with your 2013 financial reports or 2013 CPA audit reports to Sally Blanchard at
  5. Once you have emailed the form and financial reports, you are done!
Format #3 – Handwritten Form
  1. You may use the form that was mailed to each church's Trustee chairperson, Finance chairperson and governing board chair. Hand-write your answers and mail the completed form along with your 2013 financial reports or 2013 CPA audit reports to Sally Blanchard at the Conference Center:  1505 S.W. 18th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201.
  2. Once you have mailed the form and financial reports, you are done!

If you have questions, please contact any of the following:

Marsh Consultants
Van Vong –  or  206-214-3024
District Admin. Assistants:
Cascadia District – Linda Grund-Clampit –  or  503-581-3969
Columbia District – Sandy Lofy –  or  503-249-1851
Crater Lake District – Kay Burdick –  or  541-689-3725
Sage District – Charlotte Hartman –  or  541-389-1225
Conference Staff & Board of Trustees Representative:
Sally Blanchard –  or  503-802-9206
Belinda Denicola –  or  503-802-9222
Jim Waters –  or  208-467-7890


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